Working With Us

Anycolor Nigeria limited is the local representative of Anycolor international, we hereby set the following guidelines as partnership deed to guide our relationship between our business partners as concerns distribution and sales of our product; Anycolor ink cartridges and toner cartridges in Nigeria. Anycolor Nigeria accepts into her distribution channel, any person or company that wishes to be part of the distribution of Anycolor product, based on the following guidelines:
What qualifies one to be a partner:

  1. Must have an office outlet in any part of Nigeria.
  2. Must have a registered limited liability company
  3. Should be ready to make a minimum product purchase of N500,000.00 (five hundred thousand naira only) per month consistently, after the first three months of becoming a partner.
  4. Must identify his or her office outlet with the brand colours of Anycolor Nigeria
  5. The partner should organize any product promotional activity at least twice in a year, and send proof of that to Anycolor Nigeria Head office.
  6. Must bring a bank guarantee addressed to Anycolor Nigeria limited covering the amount of credit you wish to get from Anycolor Nigeria.
  7. The picture of the office outlet, the copies of your incorporation certificate (and the original for sighting), Bank Guarantee addressed to Anycolor Nigeria (if needed) and the signed copy of this contract deed will be sent to Anycolor head office.

Partnership Guidelines:

  1. The partner is not restricted to operate in any particular area in Nigeria.
  2. The partner qualifies to be a distributor if he can make a purchase of Anycolor products worth five million naira in a month for three months consecutively.
  3. Partners can make payments to distributors and pick products from them.
  4. A partner is entitled to 5% rebate on total product purchased in a quarter (they will be sending their purchase invoices to Anycolor Nigeria head office two weeks before the end of each quarter.
  5. A distributor as an advanced partner will receive 5% rebate on everything purchased from Anycolor Nigeria limited at the end of every quarter, and will as well update his account with Anycolor Nigeria two weeks before the end of the quarter.
  6. A distributor is not allowed to sell to end users, he must refer such demands to any partner of his choice or nearer to the client.
  7. Anycolor Nigeria will also refer any demand from end users to the distributor or partner nearest to the client.